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»The experience of your life

                                 is the privilege of knowing who you are..."                                

Joseph Campbell

When we move and consciously direct our awareness to the present experience, we come into close contact with ourselves, get to know ourselves better. In such moments we can sense our full potential and experience that everything we often search for in vain outside ourselves is already within us. This discovery is a priceless treasure.


For a long time I have been involved with meditation and mindfulness, especially in relation to movement and dance. Further training in the field of dance therapy (e.g. movement analysis, authentic movement, body image work, working with archetypes) as well as my own experience with various forms of body work  continue to strengthen my conviction that mindfulness, meditation and movement offer a healing combination, allowing people to perceive themselves holistically and feel a state of well-being and vitality in their own body. It is a an honor and pleasure for me to accompany participants  as they discover these wonderful worlds of experience.


This course is for everyone who enjoys movement and wants to do something good for themselves.

No dance experience required!  


For current course block times please  contact me.

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