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Rachel Robin Bowman

Dancer, Choreographer, Flamenco  and Expressive Dance Teacher

Born in the USA, Rachel  graduated from the New England Conservatory in Boston (Bachelor of Music) and the Juilliard School in New York City (Master of Music). In Madrid she studied Spanish vocal repertoire, castanets and flamenco dance, eventually dedicating herself more and more to flamenco. Her exceptional musicality and vocal understanding provided her with the tools to develop her own understanding and interpretation of flamenco as a dancer and choreographer and teacher. 


In collaboration with various artists, she has created cross-over projects such as " Sevillanas gefragt", "Alles zu seiner Zeit", "Flamenco...a Mano" and "amoramor". Her solo production "Llegando" is also one of her diverse, expressive creations. The flamenco dance theater productions "Persona Flamenca" (2017) and "=[mujer]*" (2022) show a completely new direction in work - the combination of flamenco, conscious movement and expressive dance.


Rachel is in demand as a dancer, choreographer and teacher. In November 2016 she completed her training as an expressive dance teacher and continues to deepen her study in the field of dance therapy .

She is currently the artistic director of the Flamenco Festival Hohenems (Hohenems, Austria).

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